Advanced Imaging offers the highest fidelity images with the Siemens Acuson X300 Ultrasound Machine, the latest in ultrasound computer hardware platforms.

From start to finish, our ultrasound exam is simply better. Fast scheduling, easy outpatient access, a dedicated ultrasound table, direct bathroom access from the ultrasound room, and helpful staff all make your exam more comfortable and convenient.

Outstanding clinical performance is the result of two elements: the Tera Processing Beamformer and Intelligent Component Architecture, which acquire and process large volumes of high-resolution data. Better technology means better images.

More comfortable exams mean better images.

Easier scheduling and access mean maximum convenience for your busy schedule.

You may be wondering what to expect from your Ultrasound Examination

  1. You will be asked to lie still during the procedure.
  2. It takes from 5-15 minutes to perform the scan.
  3. It is a non-invasive procedure.
  4. Ultrasound scans do not use any x-ray or any other type of  radiation..

So,the next time your physician orders an UltraSound...ask for Advanced Imaging.



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$99 4D Ultrasound Package Includes:
20 minute 3D/4D Imaging Session
4 Printouts
CD with 2D & 4D still images for printing & emailing
CD includes two 3 second live clips
Gender verification if desired


State of the Art

Advanced Imaging offers the ONLY 3D DIGITAL Mammography/ Breast Tomosynthesis in Alabama, as well as the highest field MRI (1.5), and a CT with the highest quality images in the region and with the best 3D and vascular capabilities available.

Our Bone Density is the most accurate, lowest dose machine in the area and our Digital X-ray has the fastest, highest fidelity digital system, with lower radiation dose than film. Advanced Imaging Ultrasound is the latest technology with the highest fidelity images available.



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